Witch Character Ideas and October Doodles

Witch Outfits

If there’s one thing I can get into its Halloween – and I love witch stories!
When I was younger some of my favourite stories were based around witches (Harry Potter, The Worst Witch etc). I had a lot of fun messing around with the idea of my own witchy world and coming up with some character designs. I wanted to create a whole gaggle of witches with unique personalities and roles in this place. Above you can see my favourite witch modeling the Autumn collection. Shes very into stripes this season.

Witch Sketches 2

Here she is cooking up something interesting with Trevor, her tortoise familar. I took the opportunity to work traditionally and come up with ink character sketches. There are mayors, mad scientists and gardeners who grow man-eating sunflowers as just part of the group!

Witch Sketches 1

Witch Flying
Travelling in style
Trevor and his dazzling hot pink shell

I’d love to go further with this and come up with some buildings and environments for this story. But in the mean time I’ve gathered quite a selection of sketches! As well as some unusual questions.. where DOES a witch go on holiday?

If you’d like to see this project in a little bit more detail you can! There are additional images over on my Behance page, so go have a look if you’d like.