Overheard on a Saltmarsh Animation

 Saltmarsh Title

Overheard on a Saltmarsh is a short animation by Anna Mellor Meecham using my illustrations. The story is based on a short poem of the same name by Harold Monro. It was re-written into this form by Jennifer Appleby. This is a happy little fantasy story about greed, theft and strange little creatures that live in the swamp..
Character expression sheet for the mischievous Nymph

Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6 Screenshot 7

Above you can see a selection of screenshots from the final animation. I illustrated a set of assets that Anna put together in to little 2d puppets and scenes using her animator wizardry. With this project we set out to create the idea of a story book come to life. These characters cast shadows on the pages and even flip like pages. As someone who works with static images it was amazing to see the characters walk (and dance) around!

Original character ideas & sketches

It was really important to me to create unique characters, but also that they fit their Saltmarsh environment. I decided the nymph and the goblin should be earthy and human-like, covered in dirt and mud. But the moon-man had to be mysterious and different, to match his own world.

We had the opportunity to go and watch the animation with work from plenty of other talented animators from Sheffield. This was a really inspiring evening with films in a really diverse set of styles. I found it really exciting to see our work up on the big screen!

If you’d like to see the final animation on a slightly smaller scale, you can find it below:

I had a really great time working on my part of this animation and the final film is something we’re really proud of! Take a look and enjoy some saltmarsh air as well as some great narration by Lizzie Lockheart.