Inky Spooky Goodness – Inktober 2016

A black cat to start proceedings!

Another year another set of Inktober sketches! Inktober is a yearly challenge to draw and post a traditional ink drawing every day during the month of October. Its a great excuse to experiment and push how quickly you can come up with something – not to mention getting back to grips with traditional art for a little bit. I initially started with a list of Halloween themed characters as prompts but then as time went on (and time became more limited) I decided to just draw what  I felt like at the time instead.

inktober-3-small inktober-9-small inktober-10-small


inktober-16-small inktober-19-small  inktober-28-small

Towards the end of the month most of my illustrations ended up being simple character sketches. It was a nice chance to do something that didn’t feel forced, as well as giving my eyes a break from the screen. You can see the full selection of my illustrations over on my instagram account where I posted them daily. Its always a learning experience and I’m happy to say I managed to get a picture up every day!

I started out using Faber-Castell ink brush pens with water and white ink for highlights, but as the month went on settled back to the old familiarity of the mighty biro. They’re always what I like to use most as you can get all sorts of different lines and textures. Also, because you can pick up a giant pack of them you don’t need to be too precious, or worry about using them up crosshatching a background or a coat or the 15th black cat of the month.

Inktober is always a fun way to push yourself and come up with a lot of brand new shiny ideas. For me its also a nice way of measuring how my style changes over the years (hopefully with some pretty obvious improvement).

So – until next year!